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for Patients and Physicians 





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As defined by the 

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tor use in The 

1930 Census Tabulations 

Centre Street, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 

Information for Patients 

FOR the convenience of both patients and physicians wishing to 
send patients to The Faulkner Hospital, these few facts about 
Hospital regulations have been gathered and listed under 
several headings. 

INQUIRIES. All inquiries about patients or the admission of 
prospective patients should be made to the Superintendent or the 
Admitting Officer. 

PROFESSIONAL STAFF. Patients may be cared for only by 
members of the Regular or Courtesy Staff. 

RULES FOR ADMISSION. Patients are admitted as Medical 
or Surgical House Cases or as Private Patients. A very limited 
number of Obstetrical Cases may be admitted as House Cases. 

The Medical, Surgical or Obstetrical House Cases will be cared 
for by those members of the Regular Staff and the consultants 
who are on duty at the time. These patients must satisfy the 
Superintendent that they are unable to pay a professional fee. 
They must pay the regular ward charges if they reside outside of 
Jamaica Plain, West Roxbury or Roslindale. Patients admitted as 
House Cases who reside within this area should pay the regular 
ward rate, but they may be admitted at a reduced rate or even free 
of charge if necessity demands it. 

Private Patients must pay the full hospital charges for the ac- 
commodations selected and are expected to pay a professional fee 
to their attending physicians as well. It is understood that physi- 
cians will not make full charges for patients who take accommoda- 
tions in the open wards. 

Accommodation in Medical and Surgical Departments is as 

follows : 

Ward: $24.00 a week or $3.50 a day. 

Patients in rooms pay according to the room they occupy. 
Patients in a 2-bed room pay $5.00 a day. Those engaging small 
private rooms pay $6.00, $7.00 and $8.00 a day. The charge for 
larger rooms (with or without bath and toilet) varies from $9.00 
to $15.00 a day. 

Type of Patients Admitted: Patients suffering acute diseases 
and maternity patients. Patients suffering from chronic diseases 
are admitted only when they can be partially relieved by tempo- 
rary treatment. 

Type of Patients not Admitted: Patients suffering from conta- 

gious disease, mental disease, or drug addiction cannot be ad- 

Patients to be Admitted are requested to report at the Hospital 
between 10 A.M. and 12 Noon, on the day scheduled, bringing only 
necessary toilet articles, bath robe and slippers. Patients are re- 
quested not to bring money or other valuables as the Hospital can- 
not assume responsibility for them. 

MATERNITY SERVICE. The Maternity Service is chiefly pri- 
vate. The private patients will be cared for by their own physi- 
cians, who must be members of the Regular or Courtesy Staff. 

A bed in the 4-bed room is $4.50 per day for residents of Jamaica 
Plain, West Roxbury or Roslindale and $5.00 per day for non-resi- 
dent patients. Semi-private rooms are available at $6.00 per day. 
Private rooms run $7.00, $9.00, and $10.00 per day. 


If the anesthesia is administered by the House Officer a charge of 
$5.00 will be made on ward and semi-private accommodations, with 
a charge of $10.00 for private room accommodations. 

If anesthesia is administered by a private physician a charge of 
$3.00 is made for supplies. 

LABORATORY CHARGES. The tests made by the clinical 
laboratory are divided for the purpose of making charges into two 
groups called Routine Clinical Pathology and Special Tests. The 
charges for these tests vary with the accommodations selected. All 
patients must pay the charges for the Routine Clinical Pathology. 
Only those patients pay for the Special Tests who have them done. 
A list of these charges may be obtained from the Admitting Office. 


Operating Room $15.00 Delivery Room $15.00 

plus $3.00 for anesthesia supplies Anesthesia varies with type 

X Ray $5.00 and upwards given 

Unusual Drugs at cost Food not on menu extra 

Special Nurse Board Special Nurse fee $4.50 a 

50 cents per day-each nurse dayf 

tPaid directly to nurse. 

FINANCIAL ARRANGEMENTS. Bills are payable weekly in 
advance. Patients should come to the Hospital prepared to make 
a payment sufficient to cover the first week's bill. Any excess of 
payment will be refunded. 

Rates for Accommodation included regular menu, general nurs- 
ing care, and all ordinary dressings. 

The relative responsible for the patient is requested to visit the 
Cashier's Office the day of admittance, to get a correct understand- 
ing of the financial arrangements. 

The Cashier's Office is open from 9 to 5 on week days and closed 
on Sunday and holidays. 

Patients to be discharged on Sunday or a holiday are kindly re- 
quested to settle their Hospital accounts on the previous day. 
Make check payable to The Faulkner Hospital. 

NURSING CARE. Floor nursing means that the nurse has 
the care of more than one patient. The care will be of such quality 
that the patient will receive adequate service at all times, but this 
does not always mean immediate service which the special nurse 
is able to give to her individual patient. 

GRATUITIES. Patients are earnestly requested not to offer 
gifts to nurses or employees. The Hospital does not permit it. 

AMUSEMENT OF PATIENTS. Reading matter, cards and 
puzzles are distributed by the librarians on Tuesday and Friday 

Smoking is forbidden in the open wards and semi-private rooms. 

When not forbidden by the physician in charge, smoking is al- 
lowed in the single rooms, provided the door leading into the cor- 
ridor is closed. 

Radios are permitted in rooms only with the consent of the 
Superintendent but are not permitted in the wards. 

VISITING HOURS. As a protection for the patients' welfare 
only two visitors are permitted at a time. 

As a precaution against infection children under 12 years of 
age are not permitted to visit patients. 

Exceptions to the visiting hours will be made in cases of critical 
illness; otherwise they will be adhered to strictly. 
Private Room patients 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. 
Semi-Private Room patients 3 to 8 P.M. 
Ward patients 3 to 4 P.M. and 7 to 8 P.M. 

Department of Physiotherapy so that patients upon a doctor's pre- 
scription may receive massage, baking, ultra-violet light and like 
treatments. Hours 9:00 A. M. to 1 P. M. daily except Sunday and 
Holidays. Miss Eleanor Jack, graduate of Boston Bouve School of 
Physiotherapy, in charge. 

SUGGESTIONS. It is the desire of the Hospital to furnish the 
best type of service and it is requested that any criticism or sug- 
gestions for improvement be made to the Superintendent or the 
Assistant Superintendent. 

Inasmuch as the Hospital cannot afford at this time to maintain 
a Social Service worker, to investigate cases, it is earnestly re- 
quested that both the physicians and the patients co-operate with 
us by bringing our attention to those in need of help and also by 
saving us from giving free treatment where it is not really needed.